Exam Officers – Training and support for new and experienced exam professionals. This is a series of three mini masterclass events

Event Title:

Building Strong Relationships: Effective Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Event Description:

Enhance your skills in engaging with customers and stakeholders through our one-hour mini master class designed for exam professionals! Join the EoDs team and this session will provide you with essential strategies and techniques to build strong, positive relationships with all your stakeholders, ensuring smooth and efficient exam administration. Ideal for anyone involved in exam processes. We will help you improve communication, satisfaction, and collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Stakeholders: Identify and understand the needs of different stakeholders.

Effective Communication: Learn strategies for clear and effective communication.

Building Trust and Rapport: Discover techniques to build trust and maintain positive relationships.

Handling Feedback and Conflict: Gain skills to manage feedback and resolve conflicts constructively.

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