Manchester - This event will be held at a central location in Manchester

City Location, Manchester, Man

Manchester, England, GB, Man

These Exam Officer training events are for staff new to working in exams. This includes exam managers, exams officers and exam assistants.

New Exams Officer Training

A full day of exams training for those new to role of exams officer or exams staff wanting a refresher

Training Highlights:

Examination Regulations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of examination regulations, guidelines, and best practices. Learn how to interpret and apply these regulations in various scenarios, ensuring compliance and fairness.

Examination Administration: Explore the intricacies of examination administration, including the logistics of exam timetabling, seating arrangements, and examination room setup. Discover efficient ways to handle candidate registrations, ensuring accuracy and maintaining confidentiality.

Security and Malpractice Prevention: Understand the significance of maintaining examination security and preventing malpractice. Learn about strategies and protocols for securing examination materials, managing access control, and addressing potential instances of misconduct.

Communication and Stakeholder Management: Develop effective communication strategies to liaise with key stakeholders, including candidates, invigilators, teachers, and parents/guardians. Enhance your interpersonal skills to navigate challenging situations and provide support during the examination process.

Technology Integration: Explore the role of technology in modern examination management. Discover innovative solutions for online registrations, digital assessment tools, and secure result distribution.

Continuous Professional Development: Embrace a culture of lifelong learning and professional growth. Learn about opportunities for ongoing professional development and stay abreast of industry advancements.

The Exams Officer Training Event will be delivered by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in examination administration and management. The interactive sessions will include presentations, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises, ensuring an engaging and immersive learning experience.

Location: Venue TBC in Central Manchester.

Date: Wednesday 10th January 2024

Event timings: 9.30 arrival and 3.30 finish.

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