The role of invigilator is pivotal to a successful exam session. It is the responsibility of the head of centre to have in place a trained team of invigilators, although the role is often delegated to the exams officer. A well-run exams system can also provide a supportive environment for candidates. A new-to-role exams officer may not have the confidence to deliver the training while an experienced exams officer can benefit from the additional support of an external trainer.

We offer a bespoke in-house training session and also offer a Train the Trainer course, from £195 per centre/delegate. All training events include handouts for the delegates. Attendees will receive a certification for their professional development file.

The training will provide information on:

  • The invigilation role and centre expectation
  • JCQ and awarding body regulations for the current academic year
  • Supporting the exams officer to run an efficient exams office
  • Dealing with malpractice
  • Scenarios and “what if” guidance

In addition the Train the Trainer course will help develop your training and management skills and look at how best to deploy the invigilation team.

Emergency Cover

Finding cover for staff can be very difficult and expensive. At crucial points of the academic year, for example, when the exam entries are required, it is of paramount importance to have qualified and trained staff available. If you have any requirements please contact us.