Our managed service is a bespoke service to meet your requirements. This is ideal for when there is no exams manager in role.

  • Domestic exam set up
  • Exam entries and qualification registrations (both vocational and GCSE/GCE Exams)
  • Results download
  • Managing the post results and enquiry about results period
  • Access arrangement management and applications
  • Full exam managed service

We can ensure you remain compliant with JCQ and awarding body regulations. Our service can provide the necessary support so there is no impact on students or service delivery when you do not have an exam officer. It is a cost-effective solution that ensures the work is done on time and accurately.

Emergency Cover

Finding cover for staff can be very difficult and expensive. At crucial points of the academic year, for example, when the exam entries are required, it is of paramount importance to have qualified and trained staff available. If you have any requirements please contact us.