The turnaround for Exam Officer positions remains high. Most EO’ s are the sole person responsible for exams in the centre and there is no one available with the expertise and experience to train and support them. The recruitment process can be time consuming and costly. We can help provide the vital support and training.

The Joint Council of Qualifications in the General Regulations puts the responsibility on the head of centre to ensure that exam office staff are adequately supported and trained.

Our centre support service includes on-site visits, webinars and telephone support. Also included in the centre support service is our unique “Ask an Expert” functionality. We offer special bundle packages of 5 and 10 hours, which are valid for one academic year.

We provide the necessary tools and support to enable a successfully run exams team.

  1. A bespoke targeted package, tailor made to meet the requirements of the individual role. This can include a coaching/ mentoring service and MIS training.
  2. Bespoke training packages to groups of exams officers. These again can be tailored to your requirements. They are ideal for academy trusts and network meetings.
  3. A consultancy service to exam centres to review current provision and offer advice/guidance on how to implement change throughout the department.
  4. A consultancy service offering advice and guidance on recruitment and selection.

Emergency Cover

Finding cover for staff can be very difficult and expensive. At crucial points of the academic year, for example, when the exam entries are required, it is of paramount importance to have qualified and trained staff available. If you have any requirements please contact us.