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The summer exam season is back and how we have missed you…

Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd was created to support the exams function within schools and colleges. This can help maximise student success, as well as ensuring compliance with the Joint Council for Qualifications and Awarding Organisations regulations.

Behind every business is a real person. Someone with hopes, dreams, and a goal.

Some years ago (and I am not going to say how many in case you can guess my age) I met one of my first customers. They had an Exam Officer who was new to the role. I provided the initial Exam Officer training then was asked to help support the invigilation training. Following this I was asked to do a centre audit to ensure the school was ready for the main summer exam season.

Every year since then I have been booked for three days to deliver it all again, in time for the summer exam season.

Then March 2020 came, lockdown and cancellation of the main exam season. Despite everything they had to deal with in the school, they took the time to ring up and apologise for having to cancel all the three days. They said they would be back in touch when it was all over.

I remember putting down the phone, tears rolling down my face. Not knowing what was happening in the world and where the business that I created would end up.

During the pandemic we have been busy supporting exam officers and schools/colleges with the TAG (Teacher Assessed Grades) and CAG (Centre Assessed Grade) processes. We also have continued to develop our online training courses.

Now the school have rang up to book it all again face to face. They said they would be delighted if I returned. I cried tears of happiness when I put the phone down.

It is great that I am back on the road and so are the centre support team. We are helping schools and colleges throughout the UK with everything from ad hoc exam training days to full exam officer mentoring packages.

Never underestimate the act of kindness. And never underestimate a woman entrepreneur with a dream and goal.

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